Why Amazon


Amazon Spices Pvt. Ltd. was established with a vision to provide Indian spices taste to the world. We are having a strong foothold in backward integration with suppliers as we are located at Unjha, a place worldwide well known as a biggest Asian market for spices. We procure directly from farms and we deliver the quality using highest level of quality standards. We believe in creating lifelong relationships with our business alliances. We have an experienced team of professionals who expertise in agricultural domain.

We are specialized in the production of all kinds of Whole Spices and Agricultural products. These products are produced at most modern plants with extra careful hygienic methods, from our own Specially Designed, Giant Agricultural Farms, processed under strict quality control, and packed with highest quality facility for garden fresh and taste.

Our Vision

The Company’s expertise in international trading and logistic capability enables its customer’s constant excess to a broad range of products from a single supplier. 

Our Mission

Our Food Ingredients ensure quality by controlling managing and regulating the entire process—from farming to dehydration to final packaging and shipment.

Amazon Spices Pvt. Ltd. is one of the modern and well equipped manufactures Spices and Spices products in India. It boasts of specialization in the production of all kinds of Spices products.

Amazon Spices Pvt. Ltd. has an alliance with an esteemed Agricultural University which helps it by leveraging the latest technological know how. It has institutionalized quality control & hygiene systems and employs cutting edge technology. The company owns specially designed, giant agricultural farms for the processing of raw materials which result in flavor locking meant for garden freshness and fine taste.